Maximize Tax Incentives

Maximize Your Tax Benefits with BerganKDV’s Tax Incentive Services! 

Is your business missing out on potential tax incentives? Incentive criteria ranges from state to state but some common qualifiers include:

  • Having capital expenditures planned over the next two to three years 
  • New equipment purchases or new building renovations or expansions 
  • Rolling out hiring plans or forecasts over the two to three years 
  • Having locations across multiple states and capital expenditures or hiring plans for those locations 
  • Training plans for new or existing employees 
  • Conducting research and development (R&D) and having plans related to R&D for the next couple of years  
  • AND MORE! 

It can be challenging to determine that you are taking full advantage of tax incentives for your business because factors range so greatly.  We can partner with you to confirm which tax incentives are available for you and perform the tax compliance work so you can focus on running your business.  





Curious to learn more about maximizing your tax benefits? Contact us today and one of our tax experts will reach out to you.